Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

REALLY??? I forgot to blog about this?? I'm such a slacker...let's just pretend I wrote this on Oct.

So, our adventure started at the Vienna Metro...which was PACKED

and not just a little packed...but like a whole lot packed..that whole bridge/tunnel thing was FULL

So we decided to take our chances and drive...and it's a good thing we did, cause NOBODY else thought to drive!

The traffic was lighter than on a regular day in DC

And we found a primo parking spot...couldn't have possibly been any easier

Since we got there so early we had some time to stop and enjoy some flowers...since umm..they're purple ;)

We found an interesting lady sitting on the other side of the flowers

Aaaaand we made it!

This guy was super cool...and these kids were super cute

The signs were an endless source of entertainment

More cuteness...

And the tea-bag family

<3 these guys

Tons and tons and tons of people

Interesting people along with their interesting signs

I found Bender!

It was all such an awesome experience

I love photo blogs....I hope you enjoyed it too!

Some Lols for the Holidays!

I have a list of hilarious websites that I frequent when I need a good chuckle and I got to add a new one today. I love to laugh at Aaron's hilarious texts when the auto-correct turns his words in to something completely off topic...sadly, this no longer happens with his new phone. But now I can laugh at everyone else's auto-correcting mishaps

I know I'm easily amused...but I know a lot of you are too!! ENJOY!!!


P.S. Sorry for being MIA for so long...I'll be posting more now :) Promise!