Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bringin back and oldie but goodie.....Favorite YouTube Moment #1

First of all, I am going to address the fact that I am blogging at precisely 12:17am. Aaron works late and doesn't get home until 11:30 most nights so after dinner and watching all of our DVRed shows from that evening, I don't end up falling asleep until well after 2. Aaron is out of town so I was very excited that I got to go to bed at a normal hour (10). I fell right asleep but woke right back up at 11:30...I guess my body considered it a nap? I had two choices...lay there and try to go back to sleep, or get up and do some work. After about 5 minutes of weighing the pros and cons of each choice, the winning factor was, if I get out of bed, I could eat a Swiss Roll. That was the deciding factor...and that, my friends, is why I'm blogging at this hour.

Now back to the real reason I'm writing. Years ago, when you actually had to qualify to be a member of Facebook (ok, maybe not that long ago, but awhile ago!)I compiled a list of my absolute favorite YouTube videos and posted two lists of them on YouTube and titled them "My Favorite YouTube Moment Part 1 (and Part 2)". Due to the fact that these lists are over three years old, many of the links don't work anymore. The videos no longer exist or they have been moved to a different URL. Anyway, what I'm getting at, is this is another fun Blogging project for me to resurrect the old YouTube funnies and throw in some new ones! There is one disclaimer, some of the videos are NOT YouTube videos....but just like all facial tissue is not Kleenex, I am using "YouTube" to describe all internet videos. So sometimes my favorite YouTube moment might be from're just going to have to deal with that....because "Kirstin's Favorite Internet Video Moment" just doesn't sound as cool. Again, like my favorite sites, these YouTube videos are in no particular order however this first one might very well be my absolute favorite video of all time.

SO HERE GOES! My Favorite YouTube Moment #1. This was a commercial that I saw on TV with Chance. With the help of DVR we got to rewind it and watch it over and over and over....and over again. We were laughing so hard that my landlord who lives two floors up from us actually came down to check on us to make sure we were ok. I suggest watching this 10-20 times because it keeps getting better each time. I'll stop rambling and let you have it...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I need some funnies....QUICK... Funny Website Of The Day #1: Cake Wrecks

So today was my big Electromyography Nerve Conduction Test...aka sticking needles in my arm and electrocuting the crap out of it. It definitely wasn't the most fun I've had but I survived :) So today seems like a good day to start my funny/favorite website blogging. Now, keep in mind that my "Funny/Favorite Website Of The Day' (FWOTD) is in no particular order in terms of entertainment value. It's more based on my mood that day.

Todays FWOTD is Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong. This website is a blog documenting "professionally" made cakes that turn out to be absolute disasters. Personally, I have spent hours upon hours reading through this blog and it never, ever gets old. The author of this blog, Jen, is hilarious and witty with all of her comments on these awful cakes. If you need a good chuckle, be sure to spend some time with this one!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I earned a day off...but here's what I came up with!

So I figured that since I blogged twice in one day that I could take a day off, right? Made sense to me :) Anywho, I've been coming up with all sorts of ideas to blog about and here are the projects that I have come up with.

Photo Flashbacks: I have tons of pictures that I would love to share but they were taken months or even years ago. I always felt that I could only blog about recent events but now I've decided I'll write some photo blogs about past events.

Kirstin's Favorite Sites: There are so many fun sites that I frequent and I always tell people about how funny or amazing they are. I always promise them I'll send the links and since my memory is shot, I always forget to. So I thought of doing Kirstin's Favorite Link Of The Day for a month or so...but I don't think I want to commit to doing that every day and I'm sure there will be other things that I want to blog about along the way. So every once in awhile I'll do a write up about one of my favorite websites or web stores.

And of course, I'll always blog about the latest and greatest that is going down at Purple Monkey Designs.

But for today....I'll be watching the Redskins break my heart yet again

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Happy Weekend

This past weekend my beautiful cousin Jesse married the love of her life and the newest addition to our big, crazy family, Kimmy :)

The weekend started off with a stay at an "interesting" motel. Lots of laughs and creepy people but the view of New York City was AMAZING!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and found panties in the bushes...good times with the family!

My little man...who is now 9 (scary), had a great time climbing on the rocks.

And once we finally found the right beach, it was time for the ceremony!

The proud parents...

Kimmy's twin brother and little Gabe <3

The LOVELY couple!

So much fun packed in to just two days...creepy motels, random panties, our first White Castle burgers, an amazing wedding, and great time with the family. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Love you Jesse and Kimmy! <3

I LOVE making blog headers!

And even more than that, I love making blog headers for people I love! Last night I threw together a quick header for my second mommy using a base image from

You can see her whole blog here: My Own Style.
I love that she loves it :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Writing.....still one of my biggest enemies

I managed to crank out our first edition of the Purple Monkey newsletter but I don't feel too great about my writing. I want to be able to confidently write more content and have that content be valuable and not just my usual ramblings. So to turn things around I have started making a list of topics that I would like to blog about. My hope is that the more I write the easier it will get.

But there is yet another problem when it comes to my inability to write. Several months ago I had a very vivid dream with a detailed story line that would make an amazing book (if written well). The following night I had an equally vivid dream which was part 2 to the original dream. So now I have in my head the plots for two books and because I am terrified of writing, I'm scared that these stories are going to go to waste. Maybe after I start blogging on a regular basis I will be confident enough to attempt writing an actual book.

So now is the time for my to quit making excuses for not writing and not blogging. Writing this blog took just a couple minutes, so no more saying "I don't have time!" I am officially vowing to write at least once every other day. Let's see how this turns out :)