Friday, August 27, 2010

The Proof Is In The Pudding...Or Website Hits!!!

In my last blog entry I mentioned two authors that I gained a ton of social media information from. I did some brain storming to try and find a way to really get my name out there in the gigantic cyber world. When I finally decided on the direction I wanted to take, I had no IDEA that the results would be as massive as they were. Prior to August 26th, my record for most hits in one day was 22. I always thought that was a lot for a tiny business like mine. I created a survey to gather information on what people want out of a design/marketing company and offered two free stickers for anyone who took this survey. Now, free surveys through put a limit of 100 on the number of responses I could get. I didn't think I'd get anywhere near 100, so no worries. I submitted my offer to a freebie site that immediately put it on their Twitter page. As the survey count got up in to the 60s, I got a little nervous about reaching the limit so I made a copy of the survey and put that link directly on my website. Over the next couple hours, I watch the numbers go up and they eventually both reached 100 and I shut them down after that (I only have but so many stickers!). So after this little marketing campaign this is what I came up with:

Completed surveys with full addresses: 148
Requests to be on my Newsletter mailing list direct from my website: before campaign, 0....after, 41
Website Hits: before campaign, 22.....after, 2126!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am blown away by the results of this simple idea and just wanted to share my story. I've got to get back to replying to emails and writing up contracts for new clients!

~ @misskirs

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