Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Authors Of Note...

I've been spending my summer working on launching my internet marketing section of Purple Monkey Designs. As the total nerd that I am, I checked out every book at the library on every kind of internet marketing topic I could find. Two of these books really blew me away so I thought I'd share.

In Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), he went over every type of social media you could ever imagine. He focused a lot on the power of blogging which has really inspired me to stick to this blogging thing and not keep pushing it aside like I have been. He explained how to engage your readers and not run them off with boring, insignificant posts. I really could go on and on about everything that I got out of the book but I would suggest just reading the book cause he explains it a heck of a lot better than I ever could!

Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm (@joelcomm) really shocked me. I really couldn't figure out how someone could write an entire book on Twitter which seems like the simplest form of social networking that exists. You type in your 140 characters and poof you're done. Not the case after I read this book :) There's so much more that goes in to writing VALUABLE posts that people will actually be interested in. He explains the best ways to attract followers (because without followers, you're just basically talking to yourself) and he explains the easiest ways to scare off the followers that you do have. Again, there's so much valuable information in this book I can't even begin to explain it all. I would stay up until 2am reading this book using the light from my cellphone screen cause I just could NOT put it down.

Anyone interested in improving your social networking skills DEFINITELY need to read these two books. I really can't say enough. These guys just make everything make sense!

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