Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Writing.....still one of my biggest enemies

I managed to crank out our first edition of the Purple Monkey newsletter but I don't feel too great about my writing. I want to be able to confidently write more content and have that content be valuable and not just my usual ramblings. So to turn things around I have started making a list of topics that I would like to blog about. My hope is that the more I write the easier it will get.

But there is yet another problem when it comes to my inability to write. Several months ago I had a very vivid dream with a detailed story line that would make an amazing book (if written well). The following night I had an equally vivid dream which was part 2 to the original dream. So now I have in my head the plots for two books and because I am terrified of writing, I'm scared that these stories are going to go to waste. Maybe after I start blogging on a regular basis I will be confident enough to attempt writing an actual book.

So now is the time for my to quit making excuses for not writing and not blogging. Writing this blog took just a couple minutes, so no more saying "I don't have time!" I am officially vowing to write at least once every other day. Let's see how this turns out :)


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