Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Happy Weekend

This past weekend my beautiful cousin Jesse married the love of her life and the newest addition to our big, crazy family, Kimmy :)

The weekend started off with a stay at an "interesting" motel. Lots of laughs and creepy people but the view of New York City was AMAZING!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and found panties in the bushes...good times with the family!

My little man...who is now 9 (scary), had a great time climbing on the rocks.

And once we finally found the right beach, it was time for the ceremony!

The proud parents...

Kimmy's twin brother and little Gabe <3

The LOVELY couple!

So much fun packed in to just two days...creepy motels, random panties, our first White Castle burgers, an amazing wedding, and great time with the family. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Love you Jesse and Kimmy! <3

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