Sunday, September 26, 2010

I earned a day off...but here's what I came up with!

So I figured that since I blogged twice in one day that I could take a day off, right? Made sense to me :) Anywho, I've been coming up with all sorts of ideas to blog about and here are the projects that I have come up with.

Photo Flashbacks: I have tons of pictures that I would love to share but they were taken months or even years ago. I always felt that I could only blog about recent events but now I've decided I'll write some photo blogs about past events.

Kirstin's Favorite Sites: There are so many fun sites that I frequent and I always tell people about how funny or amazing they are. I always promise them I'll send the links and since my memory is shot, I always forget to. So I thought of doing Kirstin's Favorite Link Of The Day for a month or so...but I don't think I want to commit to doing that every day and I'm sure there will be other things that I want to blog about along the way. So every once in awhile I'll do a write up about one of my favorite websites or web stores.

And of course, I'll always blog about the latest and greatest that is going down at Purple Monkey Designs.

But for today....I'll be watching the Redskins break my heart yet again

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